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If you have good photographs you’ve got it all! A world opens up of ways to display them whether it’s in an album or some alternative way. You know that for us it’s essential to offer you high quality photography, that conveys something, that is creative and makes an impression. When it comes to an album all these photos will tell a story, it’s important to have a good rythm with a great presentation, a through line that makes people want to see more and a happy ending! That’s why we design your albums on a bespoke basis, always within the style, simplicity and elegance that characterizes our wedding albums. It’s important that the album isn’t too short or too long, like good books which manage to sustain your attention and leaves you wanting a bit more… We can tell a full story with a 100 photos, but if you want to include more details you can add to it very easily and beautifully. When it comes to choosing materials for your album «there’s something for everyone». If you want an album that will last a lifetime we recommend you pick our more resistant presentations, they have a higher cost but are not more expensive because their elegant and hardy will last over time. If you’re more impulsive by nature and you like change you can choose one of our lighter albums with a more modern finish and which costs less. Digital print, which now has reached a great level of quality, lets you do just that. And as you know, what’s important is that if in the future you want to make a new or a more modern album, you will always be in possession of  your processed photos to do so.

Photoalbum DC

A very special wedding album

The DC albums are the pick of what AiS has to offer. It’s an innovative, elegant and stylish album. The photographic print (it’s not offset) has an unequaled finish. The thin but firm paper is laminated, totally matte, does not bend and is waterproof. It’s steel thread binding makes it very hardy and eco friendly. There is a larger variety of fantastic cloths and leather but undoubtedly the canvas on silk is an exquisite finish. The top of the range is especially for those who want their album to last a lifetime.

álbum DC
Photoalbum DC
album DC
Photographic paper album

Photographic paper album

A photographic paper album bound with rigid paper is a new classic. For those who love photographic paper these albums retain the excellent quality of chemical printing on pearl photographic paper. It’s an album which has a full body, a sewn spine with lots of different binding options. A long-lasting and durable album.

Album papel fotográfico
Album papel fotográfico
Album papel fotográfico
álbum impresión digital

Digital print albums

High quality but cheap and cheerful. Our digital print albums are for those who want good photos and a basic level print format which still has good quality. The textured matte paper reminds us of classic photo books with that special feel between your fingers. The albums are bound in beige or grey linen.

álbum impresión digital
álbum impresión digital
álbum impresión digital

Album FAQ

Sizes, materials, colours, styles, designs, binding…when it comes to choosing an album thousands of doubts can spring to mind… here we answer some of the questions that we’ve been asked, if you have any others get in touch and ask us!

How big are the albums?

We believe that a wedding album has to be manageable, not too big not too small. The photos aren’t going to be better because they’re printed at an enormous size and you have to keep in mind tha the size has to be proportional to the distance at which you are looking at it. Our albums are 30x30cm and 27x39cm.

Do you make albums in other materials to order?

If you have a specific idea for which materials you want for your album let us know, we can look for different options for the your ideas. It’s always gratifying to make different and creative albums.

Can we mix black and white and colour in our album?

We include some black and white in almost all our albums but we never mix black and white and colour in the same page. All the photos on each page have to work together and speak the same language, so every page is either in black and white or in colour.

Do you deliver just the files, without an album?

This question is very interesting and we get asked this a lot. When you book a wedding with us we do a complete job which includes taking the photos on the day of the wedding, all the logistics surrounding this, culling of all the photos taken, choosing and processing so that they have the optimal retouching for their presentation. So the only difference between booking us with or without the album is the cost of the materials. Having reached this point the printing is the smallest outlay, we can dispense with the album and deliver just the digital files which are the most essential and long lasting part, but we personally believe that you should have at least one form of printed album.

How many photos are there in an album?

Our basic package starts with 80 photos in an album, 100 photos is a good quantity to start to cover a full wedding. It’s important not to include too many because otherwise it’ll be too long or there will be too many photos on each page. The photos need to breathe, have their own space to tell what is happening in them. The normal ratio is 100 photos in 60 pages. Increasing the number of photos means putting in more pages.

Do you do albums for parents?

Yep, any of the different wedding albums can also be made as a version for the parents, identical to the bride and groom’s copy just smaller. You’ve just got to ask.

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