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Our wedding albums

Design, styles, our albums in all their details…

Hi guys! We’re back in Paris and we’ve had a wonderful surprise. Your photos! We love them. We’ve relived those magical moments thanks to you. We’ve sent the album to the family and they love it too. You’re awesome!
Wedding at Los Navalmorales


Alejandro & Patricia 15/07/11

We’re very happy to have the album at home. Now all the photos, which caught a thousand and one details, are even more valuable. I don’t want to imagine how emotional we’ll feel in some years when we look back! Thank you so much for the marvellous work.
With affection.

Montse & Edouard 07/17/10

Montse & Edouard 17/07/10

Hi Alec and Leticia. I still hadn’t had the chance to thank you for your-our wedding photos. I’ve got to say that it’s been a success and just over a year later, people still remember how beautiful the photos. We’ve got friends who want to get married just to have such beautiful photos!!!! We’re really happy with everyone of the images and choosing you was a great choice. As soon as we saw your work we knew that that was what we were looking for and as time has gone by we have absolutely no regrets. Thank you immortalizing in this beautiful way one of the most important moments of our life. A big kiss and we’re sure you’ll be there at other special moments.


Raquel & Miguel Ángel

Your experiences

What drives us doing this exciting work is how important your wedding photos are to you.

FANTASTIC!!! I don’t know how many times we’ve looked at the photos and we’re dumbstruck. They’re beautiful !!!  On the day of the wedding it was an incredible experience with you, and without a doubt, you both were the best choice of everything that we contracted for the wedding. You’re more than a 10. The car trip, the photos in the forest…we had twigs in the dress, but we had such a good time, it was a lot of fun and relaxed and the result was fabulous. Thank you Alec, for climbing on all the roofs to get those incredible perspective shots. A fantastic result!! You managed to get us to relax and you captured all of the love we feel for each other. To have you both by our side was like being with a lifelong friend. The photos in the streets of Sepulveda have left us open mouthed. The ceremony was perfectly covered, all the feelings, all the emotional people, the loving looks, the decisive moments and the joy. Thank you for your patience with the group photos of the guests and all the photos that you took without people noticing. It’s amazing how you were photographing the location of the event, starting with the garden with just the chairs, and as they were decorating you captured every little detail, the interior of the palace, the wedding wishes book, the flowers, the candles, the menu, the reception area with the tables… awesome! Through your photos we got to see parts of the day that we wouldn’t get to see. Last but not least… you put up with all sorts as well as our friends, you moved all over the dance floor, following all the anarchists who went anywhere but to the photo call area, a thousand thank yous!! And you snapped us dancing to God knows what songs… We loved all of them.  To sum up, fantastic! We only have words of gratitude because thanks to you both we have the best Way to remember one of the most beautiful days of our lives and you have made it possible.

A huge kiss!!

Maria & Susana

We got back today from our wonderful honeymoon…it’s been amazing. If we could we would go back to a month ago. Without a doubt the day of our wedding was the happiest day of our lives. We had a fantastic time and you both did your bit to make it happen. Your work throughout the day was professional and perfect, dealing with the delays and the unexpected calmly and with a smile, how how you got along with everybody was great and if something happened you were there to photograph it. We didn’t have to worry about anything to do with the photography because we could trust you100%… But when we opened our post box this morning and saw our photos it was undescribable. We’d like to confirm admiration for your work. Congratulations for your work of art. It is Beyond a doubt much more than what we expected. Your photos are beautiful and transmits exactly what happened.each one of our memories has returned to uswhen we looked at the photos and so it will be all our lives. Weare happy that we chose you and we hope that you also enjoyed yourselves that day. The everybody treated you both how you deserve, we don’t even know if you ate well? I don’t know how you managed to make the selection you did I wouldn’t have been able to! But now the most difficult part is up to us…! How are we going to only choose 130 photos if they are all fantastic?

Sensitive, professional, spectacular, marvelous… simply: perfect! We are more than happy with the result. A real work of art. Our wedding album is simply a work of art. We are over the moon. We love how you have grouped the photos, the processing and distribution throughout the album. It’s amazing!

Five months have gone past, but every time I see our wedding photos it gives me a thrill. Our dearest Leti and Paula exceeded our expectations.

Wedding at Aldea Santillana


Bea & David

Hi guys! We just have to congratulate you on your work.thank you so much for sharing the happiest day of our lives and for making it so special.you are wonderful professionals, but your Big hearts and you warmth are what make every photo special I’m different. Thanks to your wonderful photos, we have a tangible memento of every detail of our happiness that day, and we could only get that thanks to you! You really where the best wedding gift! We never tire of looking at your work! A big kiss for  you both.

Urban wedding in Madrid

Almu & José

What are we going to say… Thanks for making it a all so easy, for being there without us almost noticing, for capturing every one of our gestures the moments, the details…EN FIN…to get those wonderful images which will treasure for all our lives. Thanks!!

Wedding at Real Balneario de Salinas, Asturias

Carmen & Fran

I just had to congratulate you for your professionalism, efforts, dedication, perfectionism… And 1000 things more. Congratulations on your work. You have not only moved us with your photographs but also with your words. How self-conscious we felt at the beginning… And then… What a great time we had, how much we laughed… And how comfortable you made us feel act all times. Even when we ended up locked up in that cave… Ha ha Ha ha ha…what a Laugh!!! You both will always have a little place in our hearts. Huge kiss to all of you.

Sara & David 21/05/11

Truth be told the wedding as well as the photos were fantastic, lots of fun And very original. As you can see they’ve gone down really well with everybody which doesn’t surprise me cause when I saw the photos for the first time I was bowled over by the wedding as well as the photos

Tuscany wedding

Leonardo Serrat


If you’ve got any doubts and can’t find the answer here don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’ll answer you as quickly as clearly as possible.
Do you deliver all the photos in HiRes?

We deliver our selection of 600/800 photos in HiRes and processed, ready for you to make your own prints.

How long after the wedding will we see our photos?

At the latest 30 days after the wedding you will receive an e-mail with a link and a password to a private online gallery where you will be able to see and share your HiRes photos.

Do you publish all the weddings on your blog?

Our web and blog as well as specialized blogs are our greatest tool to spread the word. If you’re happy with your photos the best way to support our work is to share them.

Do you do video?

Although video and photography are both communication tools and we work in the same environment they are different media and professions. We don’t do video but we can recommend professional videographers we know and who work very well.

Do you have an online gallery with the wedding photos?

Yes, we give you a link to an online gallery where you can see and download your HiRes  photos and which you can share with who you cant. It is a secure, password protected gallery.

How many photographers cover a wedding?

Normally two of us cover a wedding unless it’s very small. We run everything and one of us will always be at any wedding but we also rely on colleagues who are used to our way of working who come as secondshooters.

Do you travel?

We’re based in Madrid but we travel inside and outside of Spain, especially for weddings in Asturias in the north of Spain and the Surrey area in the South of the UK. We’ve shot weddings in England, Italy, Switzerland and all over Spain. We love travelling!

Who chooses the photos for my wedding album?

You do. Then we check it over and advise if anything needs to be added or to be taken away. We’ll always try to give you an honest hand with your selection if you need it but we always think that what goes in the album is what you like most and evokes the most emotions.

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